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What is hurting your PC's performance?

Many factors influence a computer's operation. SpeedyPC Pro is advanced software that can handle all of the common PC problem areas. One such area, which is targeted in SpeedyPC Pro's main scan, is the Windows registry.

Signs of registry troubles:

SpeedyPC Pro can help!

Three Easy Steps to a Better Performing PC


It is fast and easy to install SpeedyPC Pro.


Scan all key PC areas for peak performance.

Click Fix All

SpeedyPC Pro quickly and safely repairs all problems.

SpeedyPC Pro - The Only Computer Performance Software You Need

Diagnoses, Cleans, Repairs, Optimizes and Protects Your PC!

SpeedyPC Pro Features:

Fixes system problems

SpeedyPC Pro tackles the issues that most commonly slow down your computer.

Gets rid of active malware

This software scans for and removes active malware that can wreak havoc with your PC.

Sweeps away junk files

SpeedyPC Pro speeds things up by getting rid of junk files, temporary items and other unneeded clutter.

Improves speed

It stops unwanted processes hogging resources and lets you decide what launches when your PC boots up.

Cleans privacy files

SpeedyPC Pro protects your credit card numbers, passwords and records of what you have done on your PC.

Defragment memory

By placing parts of files in contiguous areas, SpeedyPC Pro improves your PC's memory and speed.

Removes unwanted add-ons

Web browser add-ons, plug-ins and extensions can slow down browsing speed and clutter things up.

Help open file extensions

SpeedyPC Pro finds the software you need to open files with extensions such as .pdf, .rar, .docx and others.

Manages restore points

SpeedyPC Pro can set restore points for safety and delete old ones to save disk space.

Use SpeedyPC Pro

for a FASTER, MORE STABLE and SECURE computer!

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